At the age of 45 my life experience has taught me that the source of happiness

is within us all.

I find that connecting with yourself taps into your inner peace and creates

a loving positive energy.

With this believe I decided to create jewellery, that reflects our inner beauty.


Mimzo jewellery was founded in 2015

Each piece is designed with a purpose and an inspiring message.


I make sure to use a combination of the highest quality gem stones, 18ct gold and sterling silver, to deliver elegance and beauty.

 Incorporating colorful gemstones brings a positive vibrant energy to all my designs.



My use of simple shapes to hold the energy within each piece was inspired by my late father, Mohamed Abdel Rassoul, who was an architect. 


MIMZO jewellery won the honorary award in the Cairo Design awards 2018. This award was personally presented by acclaimed jewelry designer Azza Fahmy.


MIMZO jewelry is proudly hand made in Egypt.